Political Ads across Meta's Platforms
This module shows the most active advertisers (individuals or organizations) currently running ads about social issues, elections or politics across Facebook products for the selected country.

Total Advertisers

Total Advertisements

Ad Spend Range (USD)
Funding Entities

About the Module

PoliDashboard is a data visualization tool designed to help voters, journalists, and campaign staffers to monitor the health of political discussions online and learn about the political and social issue ads that are being shown to users on Facebook and its various other products including Instagram. The data is automatically updated every four hours via the Facebook Ad API.

The dashboard is developed by the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto as part of an international election transparency initiative. Country-specific modules are presented in partnership with various academic and civic partners in countries where the Facebook Ad Library is available.

Facebook Pages Funded by
This module shows Facebook Pages controlled by a funding entity. Funding entities on Facebook can set up and control multiple Facebook pages. Having a Facebook page is a prerequisite for running Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences advertisements on Facebook.

Total Number of Active Ads Per Day
This chart shows the total number of ads that were active for each day of the selected timeframe.

Who Was Shown These Ads
This module shows the age and gender breakdowns of people who saw ads by this funding entity - each dot represents one ad.

Hover over a dot to see that ad's distribution across all demographics, and click to see that ad's summary (ad will open in a new tab).

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